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One frequently asked question from first time homeschooling families:

What curriculum is the best?

It all depends on you and your student’s needs. There are many different curricula available. My first suggestion is to choose something that won’t stress you as the parent for the first semester or year. Get to know your child first as a student, then start adapting to their needs. It won’t help if the parent is so stressed over the curriculum being used that learning is hampered. So, if you have to use a traditional textbook method at first, that’s OK! Enjoy your student as they learn. Use this unique opportunity to develop skills and abilities through experiences most traditional schools can not because of constraints. Network with other homeschooling families; but remember, what works for their student may not work for yours. Don’t switch or choose curriculum because it’s popular or your best friend says to. Know your student, yourself and the goals you need to obtain for your student. Some parents get themselves all confused and stressed because they want to keep up with someone else’s advice. Remember whether it is my advice or anyone else’s, it is advice. Look at the item being discussed, take your student’s needs and interests (plus your own), think it over, even pray about your options, and then make your decision. Your student will not fall apart if you don’t make the switch that second. Nor, will your student fall apart if you use a more traditional format the first year. Many parents have told me that using Cathy Duffy’s, 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, has been very useful. JUST REMEMBER: the fact that your student is receiving one on one attention gives them the much needed resource & advantage many traditional students need and don’t receive.

Cathy Duffy’s book can be found on our website and many other parent resources: http://www.curriculumexchange.com/Curriculum/reference_rescources.html

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