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Another question I am frequently asked: Do I have to use the same publisher for all subjects?

As long as your state does not require you do, you can mix and match. In order to make sure you are covering enough for each subject area, you may want to check your local state education website to see what children in your student’s grade are learning or ask the Publisher for a scope & sequence (an outline what is taught for each grade). Sometimes buying a book like, What Your . . . . Grader Needs to Know by Dr. Hirsch, is a good source. There are many sources available. Cathy Duffy has her 10 Top Picks which is also a good source. If you would prefer to teach in a Unit study or character based format, look into Beautiful Feet, Five in a Row, Sonlight, KONOS, and Weaver. These publishers utilize real books (complete works not just excerpts). There are many options available to the home schooler from the traditional textbook format to the unit study/real book based programs. Time, cost and imagination serve as the constraints

Check out our website for items listed above (Weaver is an Alpha Omega product): http://www.curriculumexchange.com/Curriculum/popular_curriculum.html


For parent helps: http://www.curriculumexchange.com/Curriculum/reference_rescources.html


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