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It’s getting busy!!!!!

We are half way through July and the new school year for some begins in August and for others after Labor Day. No matter what your start date, the summer seems to be rolling right along at a fast pace!

It’s this fast pace that many times becomes overwhelming and may cause one to loose focus. Here at The Curriculum Exchange we are becoming busier as our heaviest month is also coming around the corner– August. Books are starting to come in more steadily and many more on the way. It’s a busy time, indeed.

But, as I try to keep myself focused and not overwhelmed with the increasing demands of peak season, a verse in Proverbs is helping me to keep my focus and stills my heart to know that God will guide me through one more peak season serving you in the best possible manner. So, I share it with you!

Proverbs 16:3:
“Commit your works to the Lord, And your thoughts will be established.”

Commit– roll over, lift it up
Your works– plans, errands, goals, hopes, preparations, serving, assisting others
to the Lord– the source of peace, guidance, direction, affirmation, wisdom
and– the effect of what you do, IF /THEN principle
your thoughts– mind, plans, decisions, direction, advice, meditations, feelings
will be established– anchored, stabilized, realized, clarified, strengthened, solidified, purposeful

So, as you look at the calendar and realize the start date is around the corner, keep rolling it over to the Lord. And, as you do that, He will keep you anchored to accomplish what you need to do today in preparation for the future.

And as always, He has established The Curriculum Exchange to help you with your homeschooling needs as you plan and execute your next school year. Keep checking our website for new items we add to our inventory<!


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