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Never Say, Never

I mentioned in the last article that I was reading some of the books from the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series by Janet & Geoff Benge. I just started the story of Ida Scudder. I had never heard of her; but one phrase she used when friends suggested she would continue in her family’s mission work to India was, ” . . . .never; ever; ever . . . ”

When I read that, I immediately related to this woman who lived from 1870-1960. I have used that phrase consciously as well as subconsciously; sometimes verbalizing it or silently wishing it.

You see, these words aptly describe my story concerning The Curriculum Exchange.

I am asked often how I became the owner of The Curriculum Exchange. I have to smile when I am asked that question. Because, it wasn’t I who chose the Curriculum Exchange; God did! Continue reading

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Some Resource ideas

1. Our Website:

The Curriculum Exchange


2. Placement tests:

Teaching Textbooks

Saxon Homeschool



3. Other resources:

Alpha Omega Homeschooling


BJU Homschooling

Abeka Resourses

Cathy Duffy Reviews


4. Blogs/Facebook

The Official Curriculum Exchange Blog

Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange Facebook Page

 Loose Leaf Learning Center Facebook Page

Academic Associates Learning Center of Rock Hill, SC Facebook Page


Please add more resources that have helped you to your finish line…………



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 Helping each other to the finish line

The past few days I was reminded again how more & more of the people I know or come in contact through our store are experiencing many challenges at the same time. It can be so overwhelming, frustrating and even discouraging.

As I was encouraging a friend, the next word I texted after sympathizing with her frustration was the word, “but”. My exact words were “. . . . .but, and you know there is a but . . . ” You see, all the challenges in life can force us to become overwhelmed, frustrated, discouraged, angry, bitter, etc. Unless we encourage each other that there is a “but”, we will keep focused on the challenge or as many of us call problems. Continue reading

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Never too late to enjoy reading

Many of you may think that I grew up an avid reader. Well, it will probably shock you when I share that I was not. I was of the TV generation: Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island, I Love Lucy, Bonanza, etc. I loved to play dolls while watching my weekly TV shows. I read to fulfill my school assignments; but I never learned to develop the joy of just reading until I became the owner of the Curriculum Exchange.

One thing I have learned while owning the store is that it is never too late to develop a joy for reading. As people have brought in their books to consign over the years, many titles have caught my attention. So, I “check them out” and read them: classics, inspirational, historical fiction/nonfiction. Continue reading

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