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 Helping each other to the finish line

The past few days I was reminded again how more & more of the people I know or come in contact through our store are experiencing many challenges at the same time. It can be so overwhelming, frustrating and even discouraging.

As I was encouraging a friend, the next word I texted after sympathizing with her frustration was the word, “but”. My exact words were “. . . . .but, and you know there is a but . . . ” You see, all the challenges in life can force us to become overwhelmed, frustrated, discouraged, angry, bitter, etc. Unless we encourage each other that there is a “but”, we will keep focused on the challenge or as many of us call problems.

I must confess even the usage of the word “challenge” to describe the problems of life is the result of a college professor refusing to let her students look at the irritations of life as problems but prodded us to look at them as challenges: challenges that were turning weaknesses into strengths. I still see the red “grrrrr” faces she drew on our papers when the word “problem” instead of “challenge” was used. It seems like a nit picky comment to make; but it was a way of encouraging us to see life through a different lens. She was encouraging us to the finish line. Seeing life’s problems as challenges allows us to see that they don’t have to defeat us and become discouraged; but to keep hopeful.

But hopeful in what? Psalm 121: 1, 2 answers this question:

“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills. From where shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven & earth.”

It is that hope in the Lord which helps us to always remember that there is a “but” to all of life’s challenges. Many times after we sympathize with the hurt & pain, we just need to help remind each other in the hope. Or as I like to also say, “Keep looking up to those hills!”

As parents continue to prepare for the new school year and are challenged by all the details of putting together your curriculum for the year or working out schedules or adjusting to new challenges among the lesson planning, please remember there are many resources available to help you to the finish line of each stage in life.

We may be a store filled with books, manipulatives, and aids; but we are also people who are here to listen to your needs, help you find out answers, direct you to sources that can help you assess your student’s needs, be a sounding board, brainstorm ideas, laugh with, cry with and even pray with. We are here to cheer you on and help you to persevere to the finish line of educating your student for whatever length of time you are called to home school.

Keep looking up and pressing on!

Because of His love, we serve you, The Curriculum Exchange.



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