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Milestones Recounted!!

Life is full of milestones big and small. They can be physical, emotional, mental, relational, educational, vocational, or spiritual.

Many milestones we have shared with you throughout the years as we have expanded. Many you have shared with us.

As we continue to grow and develop, we want to reminisce:

1. When the Curriculum Exchange first came to York County in 1999

2. When the Curriculum Exchange changed ownership in 2001

3. When York County Zoning approved the relocation

4. When my Father helped to transform an auto part’s store into the current store

5. When we passed all the requirements in order to open at the new location

6. When we moved to its larger location on Lincoln Rd

7. When we logged the entire inventory on computer

8. When we added a basic website

9. When we reached the first 100 consigners

10. When we switched to the computer check out system

11. When we mailed the first international order

12. When we updated the website two more times to its present format

13. When we added the Bargain Wall & Free box areas

14. When the inventory became too big for the old inventory system

15. When we added two more work stations

16. When we added the bar code system

17. When we completed 14 yrs of service and started our 15th this past June

18. When we reached 621 consigners

19. When we sent our first packages to Hawaii & Alaska

20. When we moved & moved & moved the books to fit more shelves

21. When we bought a label maker to finally label the shelves

22. When God sent first Cynthia and family to help us expand

23. When God sent Melissa, Kristin, Amanda, Martin, Alisha, and others to help through peak seasons and many, many tedious projects

24. When God sent volunteers we needed to re-label the entire inventory several times

25. When God sent Vivian to clean the store when I was overwhelmed

26. When Kristin manned the store for several months after my mother passed away

27. When 1031 Graphics developed our current Website, logo, Blog, post card flyers

28. Each time my husband solves all our IT problems in spite of major health issues

29. Each time my sons learned many different skills through the store’s growth

30. Each time someone was available at the last minute to fill in

31. Volunteers to shelf when we need extra help (thanks Michelle and Larin)

32. Each time another new customer comes because of a referral and expands our reach

33. And finally, to all the times the Lord has allowed us to finish all the projects, help all the people, pay all the bills, and expand. You are Amazing!!!!

It’s good to reminisce if it motivates you to keep pressing on and not to forget the lessons from the past. Many times the Israelites were told to set up stones to serve as reminders of what God had done. 1 Samuel 7:12 says, “Then Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpah and Shen, and named it Ebenezer, saying, ‘Thus far the LORD has helped us.’ ”

Why now do I want to reminisce? Because as we begin to wind down peak season 2013, I don’t want to forget how “the Lord helped us” start the Curriculum Exchange, how He grew the Curriculum Exchange, how He continues to grow the Curriculum Exchange and who He has used and is using along that path.

As you are beginning your 2013/2014 school year, take time even this early in the year to remind yourself and your students all the milestones in your educational and personal lives. And then, use those to propel you into this new school year to help you create and reach new milestones to add to that list.

Once again, thank you for being a part of our list of milestones. If you need any help with your curriculum needs, call, email, Facebook, Blog or stop on by if you live close enough. Our inventory is on our website, TheCurriculumExchange.com.


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