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All in One Unit Studies

Here are some more all in one unit studies or pre-set curriculum guides: some with complete 36 lesson plan guides, some with general lesson plan guides and others with supplemental yearly exercises and activities. For more complete unit study ideas or pre-set curriculum guides, view our unit study page.

Home Education Curriculum grade 3 by Jean Wolff $10 (2 in stock)

Brain Quest Workbook grade 4 by Barbara Gregorich $5

ThemeWorks series: Integrative Curriculum PreK-2nd by Joan Westley

Night Time
At the Seashore
Under the Ground


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Ancient Rome Unit Studies

Many times we think of unit studies for the elementary and middle school grades; but unit studies also work well for high school. Visit our website for more ancient history items.

Here are a few Ancient Rome items to help build a unit study for different grade levels; plus, a record-keeping item by Amanda Bennett. Continue reading

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Explorer’s Unit Study

Explorers & Traders by Time Life $8

Great Explorers by Gateway Press $5

Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun by Rhoda Blumberg $4

Explorers: Literature-based activities for thematic teaching by Creative Teaching $2

Explorers: thematic unit by Teacher Created $2

Columbus & the Renaissance Explorers by Scholastic $2

For more check out our website.

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Earth Unit Study Ideas

Earth unit


Geology: The Active Earth Learning Triangle Press $5

How the Earth Works by John Farndon DK $6

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Scienceworks for Kids Series

Here is a nice Science Unit study set in stock for grades 1st-3rd or 4th-6th by Evan-Moor

Weather grades 4th- 6th $4

Energy grades 4th- 6th $4

Planet Earth grades 4th- 6th $4

Exploring Space grades 1st- 3rd $4

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