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One key to homeschooling is the ability to influence your child’s education with world view perspectives that fit your own or perspectives that even if not completely your own can be supervised by your personal attention.

One such area is teaching from a Biblical perspective in the area of science. Most students only receive one side of the Origins debate. Rarely do students hear both sides: Creation vs. Evolution. There is a very unique opportunity to hear both sides from two individuals that are considered experts and have influenced the minds of children, young people and adults for many decades. On February 4, Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis will debate Bill Nye, aka, The Science Guy. There will be a live stream of the debate. Also, I was informed that the debate will be recorded and available for pre-order purchase from Answers in Genesis.

Since part of our goal at the Curriculum Exchange is to provide the homeschooling community with helps and aids, we are providing the links below if you want pre-order or other information about this event.


“Creationist Ken Ham to Debate Atheist Bill Nye, Event Sells Out” Feb 4


There will also be a free live stream of the debate.

Science from a Biblical World View is a subject close to my heart. Knowing the how and why behind a Biblical World View in light of the World View taught in most schools is critical. Knowing both sides of the debate is important.

If you need any more science materials from Answers in Genesis or items published by Master Books or ICR, check out our science pages.


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