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The Whole Notion of Homeschooling

This past Thursday a new homeschooling mom walked into our store with many of the same questions we hear about curriculum and requirements. Plus, she was afraid of not being good enough for the task and creating gaps in her child’s education.

We assured her of the multitude of helps available for parents, and gave her names of groups that she could join to provide extra curricular trips, classes, and support. While encouraging her that she could do it!

But, this is the cool part!!!! God demonstrated how He uses our store beyond the sale of books. A seasoned homeschool mom of three was supposed to come to the store earlier in the day to purchase some items on hold. But, God had a different plan. This seasoned mom came in while our new homeschool mom was asking me questions and voicing her fears. While I was talking to the new homeschool mom, I turned to the seasoned mom and asked her to share. And, just like that, the ministry behind this store happened, and the new homeschool mom left encouraged with the info I had given her; but also with the added encouraging words of the seasoned mom’s experiences of tailor making her children’s education to fit the strengths and weaknesses of each of her children so that they became successful in their learning. Both these women connected. The new mom was starting at the same point that the seasoned mom had begun: Kindergarten with the oldest child of three. The seasoned mom could understand more of the fears that the new mom was having and was able to help her see the task more clearly with a better perspective. Plus, grandma had come along with the new mom and left also thanking us for all the help and suggestions that were given.

Wow! What a privilege it is to watch this happen every time. It never grows old how the Lord brings total strangers together with the common goal of homeschooling to help encourage, strengthen, erase fears, calm fears, inspire and create new friendships.

That’s what homeschooling is all about….teaching, learning, stretching, growing, tailor-made education, flexibility, relationships for the student as well as the parent. And, even the friend or relative that may come along becomes inspired by the whole notion of Homeschooling.


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