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A Smattering of What We Have

Sometimes when you hear someone say that we have many great items still left, you still need more specifics.

So, in order to help you see what great items we still have, we are going to list some specific titles to peak your interest and hopefully help you not miss out on the great savings.  Remember our sale ends July 17!!

If you want a complete list of our remaining inventory, check out our website.

For Going Out of Business Details, click here read our previous post.


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Higlighted Items:Sonlight and more

Sonlight items & more:

  • 20th Century World History 9 Guide & TE Manual
  • Adam of the Road
  • After the War
  • All the Small Poems and Fourteen More
  • Alphabet Bingo Game
  • American History in Depth Basic 7 TE Manual
  • Basic American Government
  • Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia
  • D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths
  • Earth Sciences 7th year Science Teacher’s Manual
  • Electricity Magnetism & Astronomy 4 TE
  • Heart to Heart: New Poems Inspired by Twentieth-Century American Art
  • Introduction to American History Vol 2 Instructor’s Guide & Notes
  • Labor’s Untold Story
  • Landmark History of the American People form Plymouth to the Moon
  • Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children’s Poems
  • Remembering God’s Awesome Acts set
  • Science InquisiKids: Discover & Do level 2 DVD
  • Science Supplies Kit 2
  • Winston Churchill: Soldier, Statesman, Artist

Science items & more:

  • Backyard Scientist
  • Ben Franklin Book of Easy Incredible Experiments
  • TOPS: Green Thumbs Corn & Beans
  • TOPS: Green Thumbs Radishes
  • Hand-On Earth Science
  • Janice Van Cleave experiment books
  • Blood & Guts
  • Bones & Skeleton Book
  • Brain Surgery for Beginners
  • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
  • Fun with My 5 Senses
  • Human Body
  • Life Before Birth
  • Caves
  • Coral Reef
  • Desert Wildlife
  • Ecology
  • Grasslands
  • Homes in the Ground

For Going Out of Business Details, click here read our previous post.

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Our Thoughts…..

Don’t miss out on HUGE SAVINGS

Many of you have taken advantage of the huge savings during our first week of our Going Out of Business Sale. Our first week of the sale was HUGE success!!

Several of the shelves are becoming sparse, BUT there are still many, many great items left to help build your curriculum needs for the 2014/2015 school year.  If you need to see what is still left, check out our website, we are doing our best to keep it updated.

For details about our Going Out of Business Sale, check out the article that gives all the details Click Here

We also appreciate your help in spreading the word about our sale.  We have met many new homeschoolers.  Many of our new customers don’t know the reason behind our closing.  Please read our previous posting explaining our reason for closing.

Whether you are a returning, long time or a first time customer, we are here to serve you until the very last day of business.  Again, we can not express how much of a privilege it has been to serve each one of you.  We have grown together over the years.

Thank you for all the support, prayers and words of encouragement you have sent us during this huge transition time.

Offering a ‘cup’ of water to serve your needs,

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Going Out of Business Sale

(Subject to change as needed)


35% off listed price on ALL inventory

June 16 – July 17

ALL sales are FINAL

Store hours beginning June 16th

Tuesdays: 10-3; Wednesday 11-4; Thursday 12-5

Appointments still available

Shipping will continue

Return check fee will be increased to $35

(Credit card/PayPal order minimums still $10)

Holds: 24 hours ONLY

NO new consignments

NO new consigners

NO special orders

FURNISHINGS FOR SALE: list will be provided in the store. Furnishings are NOT included in the 35% off sale. Date of sale TBD.


(NOT the desks). NO shipping of play area toys.

Fill out form at front desk

Raffle will occur AFTER our last day of operation

For more info, please go to our website.


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Our Thoughts…….Closing A Chapter

Last week we posted that we were determining the future of the Curriculum Exchange. After 15 years of serving York County and growing to serve the homeschooling & traditional school communities throughout the US & Internationally and through much prayer, we must inform you that a very difficult decision has been made: The Curriculum Exchange will be going out of business.

This past week consigners have been informed and the word of our closing has started to spread. People are sad to see us close and wonder where they will shop; but understand our need behind the decision. Many have voiced their words of encouragement and support.

I won’t spend this blog sharing my thoughts with all the wonderful experiences we have had or how much we will miss serving you. That blog will come at the end of our time together.

For now, the next month will be a busy time as we continue the process of closing. God could still call someone to purchase the business; but unless He does, we will proceed with these plans.

So what comes next? We will do our best to keep the website as current as possible. All notices or changes along the way will be shared through the website, blog and Facebook. Our goal has always been to “offer a ‘cup’ of water to serve your needs”. We will do our best to continue that service as we move forward serving you till the very last day of business.

For more info, please visit our website. Thank you for you support, prayers and extra patience.



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