Our Thoughts……. PHASE 5

Many of you have been waiting for us to begin again our updates through our Blog.

The timing of our son’s return and readiness to begin our updates coincides with, Lord willing, our last and final sale: PHASE 5.  We have been selling items in bulk to individuals these past weeks; and if you were to come into our store, many bookcases are empty or almost empty.  Signs of closing are becoming more evident.

The Children’s Play area items were raffled and many children picked up their gift with big smiles!  It made me happy to see these well loved & used toys still bring a huge smile to so many especially since many of them had been our son’s toys or toys which were donated from long time Curriculum Exchange friends.

But now we are ready to proceed to what we hope is our LAST sale.

Not only are we proceeding with PHASE 5; but we are going to combine PHASE 5 with the long awaited Furnishings Sale.

Many, many of you have asked about the shelves and finally these will become available during PHASE 5.  They are not all empty.  But if they are, you can take them home at the time of purchase.  If they are not, you can pay for them and then pick them up later when they are empty enough to clear.  Or…… you could buy what is in your shelf Check out PHASE 5 sale details if you want to buy the items in your shelf.

I have joked with many that I hope everyone will remain “Christian” when these shelves become available.  I have chuckled how many of you have tried to reason your way into purchasing certain items early.  I just have to shake my head and smile because this is what makes serving you a joy!

So…… to everyone that has waited for this bitter/sweet moment, we hope to see you during PHASE 5: Friday, September 12 – Tuesday September 23!!!!

Details with Phase 5 hours and sale info PLUS Furnishing Sale Guidelines will be posted later this week.

As we strive to serve you as we have done throughout all these going out of business phases, we ask for your prayers, support, patience, understanding, and brotherly love as we do our best to, “offer a ‘cup of water’ to serve your needs”.

It has been our privilege,  Elissa


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