Our Thoughts…… Final stage

During this final stage of selling off furnishings and finding more individuals to buy bulk, we are only available by appointment. If you would like to purchase any of the furnishings still available or want to buy any inventory (few items, fill-a-crate or in bulk), please notify us via email or through our website, or blog or call & leave us a message.   All our contact information will be active until we actually move.

If you would like a list of furnishings still available, also contact us. We still have plenty of shelves, a card table & matching chairs, worktable/storage cabinet with selves, and more.

Our store continues to empty and continues to remind me of a mouth of missing teeth.J Many memories fill this building; but many more will be made.

We will help during this final stage as much as we can as we continue to liquidate our inventory and furnishings.

We appreciate all the support you have given and continue to ask for your prayers.

We are not keeping any regular business hours; it is solely by appointment or Internet now. So, if you need us, send us an email or leave a message and I will return it ASAP.




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