$10 Life Science Bundle for Ages 8-10 (3)

Life Science #3Bland, Celia: Bats
Bramwell, Martyn: An Usborne Guide: Rocks and Fossils
Canizares, Susan: What Comes in a Shell?
Chapman, Phillip: The Young Scientist Book of Electricity: Understanding the Secrets of Electric Power and How We Use It
Chrisholm, Jane: Finding Out About Our Earth
Dorfman, Gillian: Plants
Gibbons, Gail: Weather Forecasting
Hoffman, Mary: Animals in the Wild: Snake
Jenkins, Priscilla Belz: A Nest Full of Eggs
MacLulich, Carolyn: Frogs
Matero, Robert: Lizards
Merrians, Deborah: I Can Read About Insects
Mitton, Jacqueline: Discovering the Planets
Olson, Donald: Earth’s Tresures
Sims, Lesley: Usborne Young Puzzles: Under the Sea
Southwest Desert Wildlife
Taylor, Barbara: Rain Forest
Tracqui, Valerie: The Polar Bear: Master of the Ice
Urquhart, Jennifer C.: Lions and Tigers and Leopards: THE BIG CATS
Webb, Jonathan: What’s A Zoo Do?


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