Our Thoughts ….. Buying in Bulk

PTL, all but one item in the Ancient History section has sold!!!! As well as almost all the Mythology/Poetry/Fables section!!!!! Just 33 items left in the Mythology section. That customer ended up buying 225 items which also included some items from other areas in the store. We were able to work out a total that fit her budget.

So who says that Burger King is the only place you can have it your way J….

If you want to buy in bulk putting together books from different areas of the store, just let us know and we will set up an appointment.

We will be updating the site again sometime this week. We do have two vendors looking at our inventory; but everyone is aware that it is first come, first serve.

Don’t hesitate. Half of our inventory is gone; but there are still plenty of good items especially if you are thinking Christmas! Another customer during our last sale shopped for Christmas and finished her list and is all ready for Christmas!

However we can help each other…….

Serving each other with a ‘cup of water’.





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