Inventions and Transportation Bundle for Grades 2-5

Inventions-TransportationThe Usborne Book of Amazing Feats: Records, Lists, Facts, Comparisons by Anita Genari
Scholastic A First Discovery Book  – Airplanes and Flying Machines by Gallimard Jeunesse
Brain Pop – Popular Science Almanac for Kids
All About Rockets and Jets by Fletcher Pratt
Spectacular Science Projects – Machines: Mind-Boggling Experiments You Can Turn Into Science Fair Projects by Janice VanCleave
Usborne – Finding Out About Everyday Things by Eliot Humberstone
Science-by-Mail – Cowboy Carnival: A Science-by-Mail Challenge about Simple Machines
Science-by-Mail – Rescue By Design: A Science-by-Mail Challenge about Structures
A Library Congress Book – Inventors by Martin W. Sandler
Usborne Explainers – Finding Out About Things that Fly by Kate Little
Books for World Explorers National Geographic Society – Small Inventions that Made a Big Difference
McGraw-Hill CD-ROM Factfinders – Inventions: An Interactive Package of Image, Sound, and Text
Fast Forward – Ships and Submarines by Ian Graham and Dave Antram
Hayes Thematic Unit Grades 2-5 – On the Go: Airplanes, Cars, Ships, and Trains
Science Mini-Unit – Energy
Let’s Build Airplanes & Rockets Unit Study by Dr. Ben P. Millspaugh and Dr. Beverley Taylor
The Usborne Book of How Things Work by Martyn Bramwell and David Mostyn
Kingfisher – Encyclopedia of Questions and Answers

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