Science Bundle for Grades 4-8 – $25 includes s/h ($68 value)

Science Bundle for Grade 4Discovering the Mysteries of Amber by George O. Poinar
Barron’s Focus on Science – Biology’s Building Blocks by Marie-Francoise Chevallier-LeGuyader
Science Power – Science Experiments You Can Eat: Revised and Updated by Vicki Cobb
A Golden Field Guide – A Guide to Field Identification: Minerals of the World by Charles A. Sorrell
Scholastic – Out World of Mysteries: Fascinating Facts About the Planet Earth by Suzanne Lord
The Rustling Grass: Discovering the Wonders of God’s World by Joanne E. DeJonge
Usborne – The Illustrated Handbook of Invention and Discovery: The Facts You Need to Know at a Glance by Struan Reid
Sierra Club’s Guide to the Great Indoors: The Wild Inside by Linda Allison
Astronomy: From Copernicus to the Space Telescope by Christopher Lampton
21st Century Skills Library – Power Up! Nuclear Energy by Kathleen Manatt
Telescope Power: Fantastic Activities & Easy Projects for Young Astronomers by Gregory L. Matloff
A Brown Paper School Book – This Book is About Time by Marilyn Burns
A Brown Paper School Book – Blood and Guts: A Working Guide to Your Own Insides by Linda Allison
Alive in the Wild by Victor H. Cahalane
The Earth Science Book: Activities for Kids by Dinah Zike
A Good Year Book – The Complete Science Fair Handbook Grades 4-8 by Anthony D. Fredericks and Isaac Asimov
Save the Earth: An Action Handbook for Kids by Betty Miles
Prentice Hall – Science Explorer: Sound and Light by Jay M. Pasachoff

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