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Our Thoughts….. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Another year come and gone and it is time again to wish Christmas greetings!  2015 is just around the corner!

I don’t know about you; but 2014 saw many changes: big and small, easy and difficult, welcomed and some not.  One of the biggest, putting our house on the market in May and the going out of business/liquidation process that began in June.

I mentioned when the process of going out of business started that I would say my goodbyes at the end when all was done.  I expected to be able to do that by December 31st.  Well, true to form, the Lord had other plans.  It is December 23 and we are still trying to liquidate more inventory.  So, goodbyes were not meant for 2014. Continue reading


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Our Thoughts……The Gift of the Curriculum Exchange

We have posted on our Facebook page not to forget the Curriculum Exchange when shopping for Christmas gifts and/or stocking stuffers since we still have many items that would make great gifts; many in good to excellent condition.

Today, a new customer that found us as a result of my posting items on several Homeschooling Facebook pages, came to our store to purchase bundles and browse through the rest of our remaining stock.  As she shopped, she voiced a great idea that I want to pass on.

She bought some books for her children’s teacher’s classroom! Plus, she is thinking of gifting the teachers an amount to spend at the Curriculum Exchange to help build their personal classroom library.

What a great idea!!!

So, if you want to gift your child’s school teacher, Sunday School teacher, or any other person who loves books, why not gift them a Curriculum Exchange gift of books.  Everything is 65% off our listed prices.  Some sections of books have been reduced to $1 or $2 each.  And then we have bundles!!!!

For a list of items still available or bundles, visit our…website, Facebook page, or blog.

As we shop, may we remember that Christmas is a time to celebrate the greatest gift: Jesus and the hope of salvation that came that blessed night so long ago.

We appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm, ideas and support!

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