Our Thoughts ……. 2015…… Steadfast

Every new calendar year brings a host of changes, as well as, for many, resolutions.

I have been hearing that many are choosing not to make resolutions for different reasons. One new way of looking at the whole resolution process was shared with me recently that made more sense!

Choose a word to guide your year’s choices, thinking, habits, relationships, etc. Wow, what a great idea!

As a Christian, this makes a lot of sense. So as I thought about this option, I began to think and pray what word God wanted to use in my life this year to help me develop a more meaningful relationship with Him and others and help guide my thoughts and steps.

Words are powerful! And those that God speaks through His word are to be our guides, a lamp unto our feet and light unto our path.

So as 2015 unfolds, what word would God want for you to help focus you, challenge you, grow you?

For the Curriculum Exchange, we continue to be resolved/steadfast to finish the course God has set before us by continuing to sell off more of the inventory through new outlets. In December, we tested the waters by selling items on EBay, Facebook Homeschool pages, and Homeschool Classifieds. Plus, God continues to bring people into our business life to help, encourage and assist.

We are trying to keep up the website in the middle of listing items on different outlets. If you want to see what we have left, you can still make an appointment. We are filling orders and shipping. So, if you need us, please contact us and keep spreading the word about our liquidation prices: 65% off listed prices unless it is in a bundle or on specific pages as stated on our homepage. Visit us at our website or on our Facebook page where many of the bundles are being posted.

So as things change & shift within the Curriculum Exchange, what will we be doing? Remaining Steadfast.

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