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2014 Reminders . . . .

Don’t forget . . . . .

1. IF you need to supplement or change your curriculum, check out our website.

2. IF you don’t need any curriculum items for your second semester studies, we accept books, manipulatives, charts, aids, etc all year long. Bring them by during regular business hours or set up an appointment. Check out our consignment policy.

3. IF you live across town or miles away, we ship.

4. IF you would like any business cards, postcard flyers to hand out, we can send some to you.

OR you can download the post cards by following the directions provided.

  1. Simply click on one, or all, of the postcards.
  2. Right Click on your mouse.
  3. Select “Save Image” or “Save Image As”.
  4. Follow the prompts on your screen. Be sure to save in a easy to find location.

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Helpful Tips

Writer’s Block

Many times children verbally make up wonderful stories as they play. Take that imagination & have them talk into a tape recorder first and then transfer their thoughts onto paper. Continue reading

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