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OUR THOUGHTS….. Liquidation still in progress

Just a reminder, we are still trying to liquidate the rest of our inventory.  Everything is 65% off listed prices on our website.  We still have shelves available.

If you want to buy in bulk or bundle we will provide an EXTRA amount off at check out.  We will work with your budget as much as possible 

Check out some of the bundles we still have which follow Our Thoughts.

We are only open by APPOINMENT during this time.  Please contact us by phone, email, website, or blog.

We look forward to hearing from you,

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Our Thoughts…… Bundles or Bulk

How the Lord continues to use our business even during this liquidation process inspires us during this stage of change for us as a family.

This past weekend we were able to help a woman add to her inventory as she prepares to open a used homeschool store in the Angier, NC area.  She chose to buy bulk: almost 200 items; plus equipment to help run her business!!!!!

A piece of the Curriculum Exchange is now a part of a new chapter in another person’s call to help the homeschooling community in her area.

Others have also taken advantage of buying bulk…. a lady in Temecula, CA purchased several boxes of Sonlight manuals and readers to help stock her shelves to help other families in her area.

Another mom in Alabama also purchased our mythology/section & ancient section for personal usage but also to help bless others if the need arose.

A young mom pieces together books to help her teach over the next few years.

Even our furnishings God is using to help other ministries: a local thrift store which just opened purchased many of our bookshelves; a local church bought our book cart; another church bought a bookshelf to organize their music; and many other individuals bought furnishings to help them at home.

Moms & Dads from all over the US and even one from Canada have taken advantage of our many sales along the way.

So much has been sold; but we still have over 9,000 items left, as well as, bookshelves, folding tables, a large worktable/cabinet and assorted smaller items.

So what does that mean for you?  Buy bundles or bulk…..
A few of the Science bundles and Children’s Juvenile bundles are still left and new bundles will be offered.  You can also put together a bundle or bulk of books to fit your budget.  Roughly 200-250 items make up a bookcase bulk.

Remember, by appointment only.  Contact us by email: or through our Blog: or Facebook.

As we continue to liquidate, we hope to continue to serve you.

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Our Thoughts ….. Buying in Bulk

PTL, all but one item in the Ancient History section has sold!!!! As well as almost all the Mythology/Poetry/Fables section!!!!! Just 33 items left in the Mythology section. That customer ended up buying 225 items which also included some items from other areas in the store. We were able to work out a total that fit her budget.

So who says that Burger King is the only place you can have it your way J….

If you want to buy in bulk putting together books from different areas of the store, just let us know and we will set up an appointment.

We will be updating the site again sometime this week. We do have two vendors looking at our inventory; but everyone is aware that it is first come, first serve.

Don’t hesitate. Half of our inventory is gone; but there are still plenty of good items especially if you are thinking Christmas! Another customer during our last sale shopped for Christmas and finished her list and is all ready for Christmas!

However we can help each other…….

Serving each other with a ‘cup of water’.





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Our Thoughts…… Turning our inventory into a personal on-line store

I was talking to a vendor that had a physical store; but changed over to an on-line eBay store many years ago.  Her comments to me were that it was very easy and with little effort on her part, she was able to make $400/week just selling A Beka & BJU current and previous editions.  She was sharing this as an option for me to sell off the rest of my inventory.

But after our phone conversation, I began to think about many of you who have shared your need to make some extra income.  So, I pass this information onto you.  Apparently there are tutorials how to set up an eBay store and the ability to put your store on pause if you are extra busy or going on vacation.

So how does this information translate to turning our inventory into helping you?  I will share with you what I agreed with the vendor….. You can buy a bookcase of 200 items of curriculum textbook type items (BJU, ABeka, Saxon, etc) for $300 + tax (if in-state) and s/h if being mailed. If you want to buy a bookshelf of other items that are more support type items (science topic books, critical thinking, math topics, etc), the $300 would purchase more items since the items are valued much less that the textbook type of items. We would make those adjustments individually.  You could sell many of the Teacher and textbook items for $10 or more plus shipping/handling.

And if you need shelves, you can even buy the bookcase. Prices vary depending on the size, condition, make of the bookcase and whether it is a single or double ($5 – $80).

Make a little extra cash just in time for the holidays or to help offset the increase of the cost of living.

If you are interested, contact us by email or Facebook or website or our blog to set up an appointment.

This helps us and in return it will help you.


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Our Thoughts…… Final stage

During this final stage of selling off furnishings and finding more individuals to buy bulk, we are only available by appointment. If you would like to purchase any of the furnishings still available or want to buy any inventory (few items, fill-a-crate or in bulk), please notify us via email or through our website, or blog or call & leave us a message.   All our contact information will be active until we actually move.

If you would like a list of furnishings still available, also contact us. We still have plenty of shelves, a card table & matching chairs, worktable/storage cabinet with selves, and more.

Our store continues to empty and continues to remind me of a mouth of missing teeth.J Many memories fill this building; but many more will be made.

We will help during this final stage as much as we can as we continue to liquidate our inventory and furnishings.

We appreciate all the support you have given and continue to ask for your prayers.

We are not keeping any regular business hours; it is solely by appointment or Internet now. So, if you need us, send us an email or leave a message and I will return it ASAP.




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