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I came across these resources as I was searching for a price for a certain product that came into the store to consign. So many times, parents of high school homeschoolers feel ill equipped to teach the upper grades. These two resources looked promising. Hope they can be a resource for you as you elect to homeschool through the High School years.

And as always, if you need High School curriculum, manipulatives, classics or readers, check out our website.




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You have till the end of September to enjoy the Wednesday Summer extended store hours from 11-4. After September if you need to shop on Wednesdays, you will need to make an appointment.

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Some Resource ideas

1. Our Website:

The Curriculum Exchange


2. Placement tests:

Teaching Textbooks

Saxon Homeschool



3. Other resources:

Alpha Omega Homeschooling


BJU Homschooling

Abeka Resourses

Cathy Duffy Reviews


4. Blogs/Facebook

The Official Curriculum Exchange Blog

Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange Facebook Page

 Loose Leaf Learning Center Facebook Page

Academic Associates Learning Center of Rock Hill, SC Facebook Page


Please add more resources that have helped you to your finish line…………



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Our Thoughts . . .

 Helping each other to the finish line

The past few days I was reminded again how more & more of the people I know or come in contact through our store are experiencing many challenges at the same time. It can be so overwhelming, frustrating and even discouraging.

As I was encouraging a friend, the next word I texted after sympathizing with her frustration was the word, “but”. My exact words were “. . . . .but, and you know there is a but . . . ” You see, all the challenges in life can force us to become overwhelmed, frustrated, discouraged, angry, bitter, etc. Unless we encourage each other that there is a “but”, we will keep focused on the challenge or as many of us call problems. Continue reading

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Update on the Collecting of Internet Sales Tax

I do not know if you have been keeping track on the Internet Sales Tax Bill. The Senate version of the bill passed and the House is set to deliberate on the Senate’s version or seek to propose a House version. The House is gathering information as well as people’s opinions. As the Senate version stands, our business should not be affected because of two provisions: an internet business must charge sales tax if the business earns more than 1 million dollars or has a brick & mortar location in the state where the sale is being generated.

As a result of another topic concern I sent Representative Mulvaney, I received a call from his office. After discussing the other topic, I asked the aid if I could discuss the Internet Sales Tax issue. I was able to have a good discussion with his aid. First of all, I want to be clear, this is not a new tax. This is a bill that would require businesses to charge internet customers the sales tax that would have been collected if that sale actually occurred in person at a physical location (brick & mortar location). After he made sure I understood that point, I was able to discuss with him the many concerns I still had even though, according to the current version of the proposed bill, my business would not be affected. He was very interested with my concerns and stated he would pass them on.

I would encourage you to call or write your state House Representative and voice your opinion. Even though this is not a NEW tax, it will increase your bill because most internet sales do not add sales tax to the total.

I hope we have been clear with our facts.

As always, we seek to serve you in the best possible manner: “Offering a ‘cup of water’ to serve your needs”.

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