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Life’s Challenges…Why?

This past week was full of several life’s challenges that kept us on our knees. Some of them yielded the answers we wanted; others didn’t. A range of emotions: disappointment, joy, relief, pain, renewed hope, determination, trust, peace.

The morning after one of the unwanted answers, I read 2 Corinthian 4:7-18: Continue reading


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Our Thoughts . . .

 Helping each other to the finish line

The past few days I was reminded again how more & more of the people I know or come in contact through our store are experiencing many challenges at the same time. It can be so overwhelming, frustrating and even discouraging.

As I was encouraging a friend, the next word I texted after sympathizing with her frustration was the word, “but”. My exact words were “. . . . .but, and you know there is a but . . . ” You see, all the challenges in life can force us to become overwhelmed, frustrated, discouraged, angry, bitter, etc. Unless we encourage each other that there is a “but”, we will keep focused on the challenge or as many of us call problems. Continue reading

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