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The Whole Notion of Homeschooling

This past Thursday a new homeschooling mom walked into our store with many of the same questions we hear about curriculum and requirements. Plus, she was afraid of not being good enough for the task and creating gaps in her child’s education.

We assured her of the multitude of helps available for parents, and gave her names of groups that she could join to provide extra curricular trips, classes, and support. While encouraging her that she could do it!

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Our Thoughts…

In the first article, I mentioned the privilege & integrity of homeschooling. One privilege that we didn’t experience since we started to homeschool our sons in 3rd & 6th grade was to teach them how to read. What a special moment! But, since I never had that experience, I depend on the thoughts and advice of homeschooling families that visit our store. I really appreciate all I have learned: the pros and cons of different curriculum or programs. Of the curriculum that is traditional textbook format, many recommend the

A Beka program. But, for those that didn’t like the traditional format and wanted a more simplified version, they recommend the following two items: Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons along with the Explode the Code books – Get Ready for the Code, Get Set for the Code, Go for the Code. Each format has its pros and cons depending on the child and parent.

This is one of the reasons I have enjoyed our business: the exchange of information, ideas, experiences within the store, over the phone, by email or Facebook. So if you have used a different format, please share with us what you have used to help your child learn to read. Or, share what you used to help your child read better or develop comprehension. The strength of our store’s ability to provide help partly depends on the strength of the experiences given by our customers and consigners. So please share.

For more items to help with reading & comprehension visit: http://www.curriculumexchange.com/Curriculum/language_arts.html

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Scrapbook of Memories

“Quotable Quotes” or “Out of the mouth of babes . . . .”

Let’s expand on the quotable quote listed as #1 in the top Ten Homeschooling Moments..

Continue the list with some of your student’s famous sayings. . . . .

1. When my 6th grader told me, “Mom, we don’t have to get this all done today!”

2. “Mom, you are the hardest teacher I ever had!”

3. …

We would like to hear your favorite quote(s) from your student(s). Please comment below.

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