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Our Thoughts…this July 4th

Growing up one of my favorite memories has always been fireworks, those that we could purchase, light and display and those that we watched from afar as the San Diego Bay was lit up with a beautiful display of colors and sounds. Yes, they were fun and I enjoyed the sparkle! I can’t celebrate with fireworks in California as I could when I was young; but I can where I live now. I can now celebrate the 4th and other special occasions with larger, louder fireworks allowing me to watch my sons grow up enjoying the 4th with mortars and roman candles as well as sparklers. My adult son has even developed his own little show of multiple rounds of fireworks. It has been a tradition happily enjoyed and passed down. Continue reading

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Scrapbook of Memories

4th of July Memories



Bond fires at the beach

Fourth of July Choir celebrations

Fourth of July songs

Family & Friends

Parades & lots of flags waving proudly

Celebrating the bicentennial

Visiting Independence Hall

Celebrating my Grandfather’s birthday on the same day

Those are my top ten. What are yours? Share with us.

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