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$10 Ecology Bundle for Ages 8-12 (6)

Ecology #6 (1)Baker, Lucy: Life in the Rainforest: Animals, People, Plants
Bramwell, Martyn: An Usborne Guide: Rocks and Fossils
Brooks, Felicity: Seas and Oceans
Butterfield, Moira: 1000 Facts About the Earth
Egan, Lorraine Hopping: Polar Regions: Cool Activities, Projects, Games, Maps, and the Latest Information to Help You Explore These Icy Regions
Foss Science Stories: Landforms
Harlow, Rosie: Energy and Growth
Holland, Barbara: Caring for Planet Earth: The World Around Us
Ingoglia, Gina: Look Inside the Earth
McGinley, Avalyn: Oceanography: Reproducible Pages Plus Teacher’s Guide
Mitchell, Andrew: The Young Naturalist: An Introduction to Nature Studies
Parker, Steve: Rocks and Minerals
Pearce, Q.L.: The Earth
Sands, Stella: Exploring Natural Disasters
Schreiber, Anne: Volcanoes!
Siepak, Karen Lee: Water
Steele, Philip: Rocking and Rolling: The Earth – From Volcanoes to Earthquakes
Sussman, Ellen: Deserts: Experiments, Games, Art, and Writing Activities
Wood, Jenny: Caves: Facts, Stories, Activities; Icebergs: Facts, Stories, Activities


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$10 Astronomy Bundle For Ages 8-12 (5)

Astonomy #5Asimov, Isaac: How Did We Find Out About Comets?
Atkinson, Stuart: Usborne Understanding Science: Astronomy
Atwater, Mary et al.: Exploring Space: U.S. Space Camp, Private Lives of the Stars, Planets, Comets, Asteroids, and Moons, and More
Finke, Setphanie: Exploring Outer Space: 30 Amazing Projects that Explore the Wonders of God’s Creation
Hehner, Barbara: First on the Moon
Johnstone, Michael: The History News in Space
Kids Discover Solar System
Ladd, Karol: The Glad Scientist Visits Outer Space: Discovering the Creator Through Fantastically Fun Science Experiments
Leftwich, Virginia Powers: The Sun’s Family
Mackie, Dan: Planets and Galaxies: Exploring Exciting Space Frontiers!
NASA: Astronaut Food: The History of Food in Space
Ortleb, Edward P.: Our Solar System and the Universe
Redfern, Martin: The Kingfisher Young People’s Book of Space
Reigot, Betty Polisar: A Book About Planets and Stars
Rutland, Jonathan: The Planets
Spizzirri, Peter M.: An Educational Coloring Book of Space Craft
Stacy, Tom: Sun, Stars, and Planets: A Question and Answer Book
Steele, Philip: Black Holes and Other Space Phenomena
Stott, Carole: Observing the Sky; Fly the Space Shuttle

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Build your library or give away as gifts.

Entire Fiction/Nonfiction section $250 + $50 s/h

(286 titles $809 value; approx 180 lbs of books; approx $100 s/h value)

If you are interested in a list, contact us via email or through Facebook, our Blog or our site.

If you are local and want to pick up, please make an appointment & the s/h will not be included.



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PHASE 5…… Bundles of a Bargain

Need another reason to shop and expand your personal libraries? Look at the $10, $15 & $20 Bundles we have put together!!!! (These bundles will NOT be discounted any further.)

If you see a bundle that interests you, click here to let us know by using the bundle name.  If you need them shipped, shipping/handling will be added.

Enjoy!!!! J

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Friday, September 12 – Tuesday, September 23

Furnishings price will NOT be discounted 65% off

A list is available per request by email

Furnishings will be on a separate receipt from items purchased at 65% off

Furnishing sales will be taxed

Furnishings NOT being used or empty MAY BE taken home at TIME OF PURCHASE

Furnishings BEING USED or NOT empty may be paid for and picked up at a later time

Furnishings will NOT be shipped

Furnishings will NOT be reserved before payment or sale begins on Friday, Sept 12.

Furnishings will be sold during PHASE 5 store hours or by appointment between Friday, Sept 12 – Tuesday, Sept 23

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