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First of all, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU to everyone that took part in PHASE 1. Your support was overwhelming! And, all your encouraging words and complements were blessings from the Lord. Without Him, we could not have done all your complements. All the glory and praise ultimately go to Him!!

So the big question of the hour….. What happens next?

PHASE 1 is done and PHASE 2 is being finalized. But, there are still many items left. So we will finish PHASE 2 with updating our inventory and posting it on the website the week of July 28th in order to prepare for PHASE 3.

So what is PHASE 3, you may ask? South Carolina Tax Free weekend is around the corner: Aug 1-3.

Therefore, we are going to coordinate another sale to coincide with this year’s tax free weekend. Store hours will continue to be suspended through Thursday, July 31.

We will reopen Friday, August 1 with special TAX FREE Weekend hours to kick off PHASE 3: 50% off Sale on ALL items.

We will post more details later this week.

Also, a special thank you to our son, Matt, for maintaining the Blog. We appreciate all he has done. But, he will be leaving on a short term mission’s trip for most of August.

Since we can not set all plans in concrete before he leaves, after the initial PHASE 3 plans are posted, any future updates or changes will be posted through our website and our Facebook page.

Once again, we are preparing for PHASE 3. Any future plans/changes after the 50% off sale, will be posted on the website and Facebook page.

Continuing to “offer a ‘cup of water’ to serve your needs”….








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Thank you so much for getting back to me.  I went ahead and bought the set on ebay because my daughter needed to get started with it.  I am keeping your website, though, so next year or when I need some homeschool materials I can contact you.  I am really impressed that you kept my contact information and got back to me again.  It is not very often that you see your consideration for others in the business world.  Thank you so much.  B.W. September 4, 2013

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Testimonial From CurriculumExchange.com #3

1. Just wanted to let you know I received your items today and everything looks great.  Thank you again for all your help and very quick service.  I’m glad I came across your site several years ago.  I will continue to share it with friends.  Have a blessed year. Sincerely, D.D. of New York June 2013 Continue reading

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Our Thoughts… Memorial Day 2013

This week’s blog will be dedicated to those who fought to defend our freedoms we enjoy as Americans. They may not be with us anymore, but their legacy always needs to be remembered. Those that fought & died were far from perfect, but they answered the call to defend our nation. And defend it they did . . . sometimes with their lives lost in battle, sometimes with wounds that scarred them for life and later died while or after returning home, sometimes returning home to unwelcomed cheers and later died before officially being recognized for their bravery or sometimes returning home and becoming lost in the “sea of civilization”, sometimes returning home to fame, or like most returning home and living out their lives as before quietly & unassuming.

Whether they died on the battle field, on the way home, or once they returned home, their bravery and reason for why they fought should never be forgotten. For as a homeschooling community, one of the reasons we have the legal right to homeschool is because of the freedoms these men & women fought to maintain and preserve.

We also wish to share with you some of the individuals from our family that served and are no longer with us. They did not die on the battle field but returned home and lived many years . . .


My Grandfather, Refugio Zuniga: World War II & Vietnam
My Father-in-law, Robert Beck: World War II

My husband’s maternal Grandfather, Herbert Myers: World War I

My husband’s uncle, Bernie Olsen: World War II


To the families who still live, the Curriculum Exchange salutes the memory of all those that served & died in our armed forces giving the greatest gift, their life. They represented not only our nation but also represented you!

We encourage you to share with us the people in your family you wish to memorialize this Memorial Day 2013.

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