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Many of you have come through our “doors” this peak season 2013 for the first time or as return customers. As I have stated in earlier articles, God has blessed us with many opportunities to serve all of you with exactly what you needed or with something different that fits your need better. Or, if we didn’t have your item, we were able to send you to others that could. It was a great season of teamwork!

Teamwork is nothing new to those who are sport’s moms. Our sons played soccer, baseball and football throughout their school years: Christian School, homeschooling, & college. One year in particular during football season, my older son played for a small Christian school that had just enough players to play Varsity football. Everyone, no matter their skill level, was vital for each game. On one occasion during that season, my son pulled a muscle. Of course treatment was obtained along with the doctor’s recommendation that the best course was to not play in order to let the muscle heal. As we left the office, my son emphatically told me that he couldn’t do that. Everyone was needed to play each game! If he didn’t play, the team had to forfeit. So, he iced the area, even putting it in ice baths, wrapped the area, and off to practice and the game he went determined not to let his team down. Continue reading


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Never Say, Never

I mentioned in the last article that I was reading some of the books from the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series by Janet & Geoff Benge. I just started the story of Ida Scudder. I had never heard of her; but one phrase she used when friends suggested she would continue in her family’s mission work to India was, ” . . . .never; ever; ever . . . ”

When I read that, I immediately related to this woman who lived from 1870-1960. I have used that phrase consciously as well as subconsciously; sometimes verbalizing it or silently wishing it.

You see, these words aptly describe my story concerning The Curriculum Exchange.

I am asked often how I became the owner of The Curriculum Exchange. I have to smile when I am asked that question. Because, it wasn’t I who chose the Curriculum Exchange; God did! Continue reading

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