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Change Ahead Update

June 2014 marks the 13th year that our family has owned and served the homeschooling and traditional school communities.  Since 2001 God has grown this company from 52 consigners to over 600 with a growing inventory.  You have shared in our times of growth and change.

We celebrate The Curriculum Exchange’s 15 years in the York County area plus serving the Internet community.

A quick summary of our previous blog posting about changes ahead:
From the very beginning our family strove to serve as Christ would and as long as God directed.  Many of you know and many do not, that my husband’s health has been a major challenge since we have owned the store.  Unfortunately, his health has grown worse being aggravated by the colder and longer winters we have experienced.

The Curriculum Exchange IS FOR SALE.  Our house IS also for sale in order to make a cross country move to a hotter, dryer environment.

Because this business has a very BIG role in the lives of our local families as well as in the lives of our Internet families, we are striving to keep people informed.

Please keep checking the blog, website, Facebook or answering machine for updates to this change process.  They will be posted soon.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please let us know through our blog, website, Facebook page, answering machine or stop by our physical store.

We do appreciate your support and prayers.
Thank you,

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Normally we schedule major projects after peak season; but this time we could not prevent updating our computer system till then. So, if you notice that our website updates are not as often (3xs/wk normally during peak season), please know that we are doing our best to make this change as quickly as possible. We may have an item you may need; so, please contact us to verify if we do.

Thank you for your patience.


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Earlier this month, I celebrated a milestone birthday, the BIG 5-0 !! Teasingly, family, friends and even I made comments about growing old and making adjustments.

But, I didn’t realize that I would be making some so quickly personally and professionally. Both are forcing the routine flow of my personal & business life to make adjustments. Personally, I injured my foot/ankle: I can’t move as fast; I can’t do as much to keep up with the demands of family and the business; I tire faster because my body has to put so much energy into healing.

On top of the frustration of my foot, we had to upgrade our computer system before peak season was over. What was supposes to be a “quick” upgrade to all three of our computers has become a longer process than expected. But then again, that should not have surprised me since we are talking computers and software! So, my office is a mess; we don’t have all our computers up, and the flow within the store, as well as, within my husband’s office has been disrupted and has complicated the website updates. So peak season 2013 is coming to a close with a bang! Continue reading

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Update on the Collecting of Internet Sales Tax

I do not know if you have been keeping track on the Internet Sales Tax Bill. The Senate version of the bill passed and the House is set to deliberate on the Senate’s version or seek to propose a House version. The House is gathering information as well as people’s opinions. As the Senate version stands, our business should not be affected because of two provisions: an internet business must charge sales tax if the business earns more than 1 million dollars or has a brick & mortar location in the state where the sale is being generated.

As a result of another topic concern I sent Representative Mulvaney, I received a call from his office. After discussing the other topic, I asked the aid if I could discuss the Internet Sales Tax issue. I was able to have a good discussion with his aid. First of all, I want to be clear, this is not a new tax. This is a bill that would require businesses to charge internet customers the sales tax that would have been collected if that sale actually occurred in person at a physical location (brick & mortar location). After he made sure I understood that point, I was able to discuss with him the many concerns I still had even though, according to the current version of the proposed bill, my business would not be affected. He was very interested with my concerns and stated he would pass them on.

I would encourage you to call or write your state House Representative and voice your opinion. Even though this is not a NEW tax, it will increase your bill because most internet sales do not add sales tax to the total.

I hope we have been clear with our facts.

As always, we seek to serve you in the best possible manner: “Offering a ‘cup of water’ to serve your needs”.

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