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Featured Product #8

This weeks featured product features US History and Social Studies

This weeks featured product features US History and Social Studies

One way to remember those who died for freedom is to read about that time period.

Greatest Generation, The by Tom Brokaw $5 (2 copies in stock)

Great War, The by Jay Winter & Blaine Baggett $7 (1 copy in stock)

Don’t Know Much About the Civil War by Kenneth C. Davis $6 (1 copy in stock)

American Revolution by Alden R. Carter $3 (1 in stock)

Give Me Liberty! Russell Freedman $4 (1 in stock)

Battle of Gettysburg by Frank Aretas Haskell (1 in stock)

For more items, view the pages on the History-Geography page on our website either on the Fiction/Nonfiction subpages or on the US Social Studies page:


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URGENT: Please read

URGENT! This email was sent to us from Ebay concerning new legislation the Senate is considering. Last night, April 22, this bill passed the first procedural step. It is now on the floor for debate. If this passes, we do not know completely how it will affect our on-line business. Worst case scenario would be the end of shipping outside of South Carolina but still allowing international sales. The cost to implement a system to fulfill the requirements to over 9,600 tax districts for a small business would be a huge a expense. Please read the following email sent by the Ebay Chairman and proceed as you are led. We have already registered our concerns. We ask for your support & prayers.

Congress is considering online sales tax legislation that is wrongheaded and unfair, and I am writing to ask for your help in telling Congress “No!” to new sales taxes and burdens for small businesses.

For the rest of the letter from Ebay’s Chairman, Click Here

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